Ken Martin has spent the better part of 40 years gaining knowledge and wisdom about countless aspects of golf. His gift for communication has helped thousands of golfers improve their game and find more enjoyment in their pursuit. If you find benefit within this website and are unable to visit Ken in Port St. Lucie, please leave a donation to help him keep this website up and running.

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6 thoughts on “Support

  1. Hi Ken,
    I’m originally from Victoria, BC, Canada, and have played golf with a few people who played with Moe Norman. Wally du Temple, Harry White to name a few. I’m also a good friend of Steve Middleton whom I think you know. All are Moe Norman followers in terms of the “single plane swing”.
    As I’m in Florida for the winter, I’d like to take some lessons from you.
    Can you provide me with info on where, when, price etc.? Thank You

  2. Ken:
    I have 8 tapes from natural golf corp in the 1999and200. I like the instruction on them but cannot play them anymore since I do not have video tape recorder.
    How can I get these tapes switch to an DVD? Is this possible?(Natural golf swing system and natural golf, a lifetime of better golf).

    Your drills on moe Norman horizon to impact was great on 5/23/2009 was great.! Is this a good drill to learn moe Norman swing motion?

    Thanks Dr. Robert Simmons

    • Hello Dr. Simmons,

      There are many conversion services available to transfer VHS to DVD. A simple search on Google will reveal locations near you. Also, you can purchase a converter/player at places like Walmart and Best Buy for around $150-$180.
      Thank you for your compliments on the drills. They all worked together to help one learn the Single Plane Swing. Please let me know if I can provide further assistance and good luck!

  3. I have been involved with the natural golf swing for many years. I am looking for an instructor located on the gulf side of Florida. I live between Sarasota and Fort Myers.

    • I know that Natural Golf sold to Graves Golf. I am no longer affiliated with the company. I still teach, but in Port St. Lucie. You may find better leads by contacting Graves Golf directly. If you ever make it East, be sure to contact me. All the best.

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