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Teaching styles and golf swings vary as much as signatures, no two are exactly alike. How does one explain how Lee Trevino, Johnny Miller, Jim Furyk, Fuzzy Zoeller, Miller Barber, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Corey Pavin and many more have been some of the best ball-strikers in golf’s history, with such unusual and never duplicated swing styles? The answer reveals the secret golfers have long been seeking — their impact positions are almost all identical. The bottom line is not found in their style of swing but how wonderfully they are able to achieve great impact.

The Impact Zone philosophy begins by identifying what that proper impact really is and The Impact Zone Bookhow all golfers can achieve it. In so doing, golfers can have the knowledge of what they want to accomplish at impact through their swing. When impact is improved, scores go down and the enjoyment of the game skyrockets.

The Impact Zone philosophy continues to include the right approach to accomplishing great impact. This is where the rubber meets the road and how golfers can see a real difference. Varied approaches such as visualization, drills, repetition and hitting pitch shots first and longer shots later, all work together to insure the student’s game accelerates at the fastest possible rate. The Impact Zone will create satisfied golfers who will possess the foundation to enjoy the game for a lifetime.

The 5 Dynamics of Impact

1.  Putting: The Flat Left Wrist at Impact

2.  Chipping: The Forward Swing Bottom

3.  Pitching: Loading the Club on the Backswing

4.  Swinging: Lagging the Load through the Impact Zone

5.  Swinging the Club along a Straight Plane Line through the Impact Zone

4 thoughts on “Impact Zone Golf

    • I like to think of the Single Plane Swing more as a setup preference that allows the individual player to focus their attention on impact dynamics (club movement) to produce the shot they desire; rather than trying to copy the individualistic style of another player who they can never be…

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