Renowned golf instructor Chuck Hogan once said “you can’t get a golf lesson in America, you can only get a golf swing lesson”.  HOW to swing has definitely overshadowed HOW to play.  In fact, it could be said that more golfers play the game of “golf swing” than play the game of golf.

If you find yourself wondering how to swing the club all the time, I know I can help.  The bottom line is that IMPACT is all that matters.  If you learn to focus your attention on impact, you will give yourself the best chance of finding your ball after you hit it and oftentimes you will find it where you intended it to go!

So what does it mean to focus on impact?  Bobby Clampett, PGA Tour Player and CBS Golf Analyst, wrote a book titled The Impact Zone – Mastering Golf’s Moment of Truth and within it’s pages he crystallized the concept.  He defined 5 Dynamics that occur to achieve ideal impact.  I have found after 30 years of teaching that using these dynamics to structure my students thoughts and focus their attention, the task of striking a golf ball toward a target has become a simpler and more enjoyable endeavor.

Impact awareness will allow you find your own style of swing.  In other words, instead of copying the swing of someone else hoping to get a good shot, you will learn how it feels to accomplish ideal impact in your own way.  By focusing on impact you will be able to get back to playing the game of golf because the shot you choose to play will determine the impact necessary to produce it.  The swing you use is created by impact awareness for the shot you choose – and that is playing golf!

While the Dynamics of Impact are universal for all good ball strikers, the styles of achieving these dynamics are as varied as the individuals who achieve them.  There are however two definitive Setup (address) positions that have a direct effect on the style developed.  I will call these Setup positions either Tour or Single Plane.

The Tour Setup is distinguished by arms positioned downward from the shoulders (hanging) such that the hands hold the club generally under the shoulder line.

The Single Plane Setup is distinguished by arms positioned outward from the torso (extended) such that the arm angle matches that of the club shaft.

Once you have chosen a setup position, it is time to turn your attention to IMPACT.  Click here for a summary of the Five Dynamics as outlined by The Impact Zone.



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