Raw Power

Back in 1998, shortly after my return from a 2 year teaching position in Bonn, Germany, I met two “holistic veterinarians” while playing golf in Myrtle Beach, SC.  They told me about how they had transformed animals’ lives by changing their diet from typical over processed pet foods to raw food.  They introduced me to their diet too, which was also raw.  Raw refers only to fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, etc. not meat or meat products. Simply put, this diet transformed my health.  I had previously struggled with many allergies and lack of energy.  It took a bit of adjustment and eventual moderation, but it has been so instrumental in my day to day health that I want to pass along the idea to anyone whom it may potentially benefit.  If you are interested in reading more, I suggest you simply google “raw food diet” as there is a wealth of information available. Again, this is not relative to any meat products!

As mentioned above, I consume a moderated raw food diet.  My primary supplement is Vitamineral Green that I put in my daily smoothie.  You can search it out at the link below. May you enjoy a lifetime of good health!

Information on Trans Fats